April 3, 2017

Dear Ava,

HELLO, a friend of mine doesn´t think Allan Lane is important enough to be on a book of famous and important death people which I think is because she is a little obsessed with Kurt Cobain and that´s why she gives more importance to him. Anyway I enjoyed your book, the only thing I don´t really like is the fact that the protagonist spends half of the book crying or thinking about how good her sister was letting her with FUCKING pederasts or how she didn´t treat her right and tried to make it up by playing fairies with her… Anyway there is some good stuff in your book. I´m waiting for another novel of yours, to read another sweet story and find a main character who is not an USELESS CRYBABY . Natalie, Tristan, Kristen and Hannah are REALLY cool/cute characters

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