May 14, 2017


Youre gone, and i need you here… i miss u so much well we all do it, i havent seen your parents but i know they miss u too, i still cant believe that your not around, school is not going well because your not there, i pretend that everything is fine but im breaking slowly and im still not ready to let you go, everything i see reminds me of you, we decorete your desk because no one can fit in that please, peopple say that youre taking care of me in the sky, but i dont want you there i want you here with me, i want you to take me pictures when im distracted, i want you to get angry because i dont sat with you, i want us to read all the comics you like, i want you to hug me when im crying and tell me that everything is goinf to be fine, i want to talk with you all nights… its hard wake up everyday and think that all was a nightmare and that i will see you in the bus smiling to me, my big brother, my favorite person in the whole world, everytime i start reading a comic i do it for you because it make me feel like im with you and that is the only time when i can feel you around me like your hugging me, like your on the phone at 12 o clock in silence sleeping, i want you back, life unfear… why you ? you were the best guy in the whole world, i love you so much but i miss you even more, i have feight that one day i will see you again but until that day arrive you will be in my heart.

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