April 5, 2017

Dear Dad,

You’ve been gone almost 9 years now. There is so much you have missed. I graduated college like I promised. I still work at the job you initially helpedal me get and have been promoted twice. I am now a Director. I think all the time that I wouldn’t have that good fortune without you. I bought a house on my own. You would have loved it. I met a man who takes care of me and does thoughtful little acts for me like only you have ever done. I married this man and he is a wonderful husband to me. I wish you could have walked me down the aisle but you know my brother did it proudly and filled with honor in your place. I did not have a father daughterm dance of any kind despite my mom’s persistence. No man could ever replace you, it wouldn’t have felt right. The absence of that dance was a nod to the hole your death has left in our lives. I also never changed my last name just like I also promised you the night you died. I made our last name my new middle name and took my husband’s as my new last name. I now have a piece of both incredible men who made me who I am today. We recently bought our first home together and are expecting our first child in September. You will have another granddaughter and I can’t help but remember what a great granpa you were. My daughter will hear all the goofy stories about you and we know there are tons! I know you watch over me. There is proof every so often. Last night I was in a bad car accident. A few more feet and I could’ve been dead. It had to have been you, I felt your presence and it calmed me a bit. I want to thank you for all the love you gave me while you were here and all the love you continue to send my way. You are never forgotten. You live on in all the quirky habits I inherited and I love that.

Your loving baby girl
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