April 17, 2017

Dear Granpa,

You’re gone for seven years . I’ve never got chance to say how much I love You . You were always there for me , like a second father . I have amazing memories on you .
My last good memory with you is day when you met my friend . We aren’t friends anymore , but you are still my grandad . Week after this day you ended in Hospital And then you died . I was about seven years and I couldn’t understand why you are dead . I was watching our old photos and I was crying so much .
I’m sorry for my sister . When you died , she was little baby. She doesn’t understand why I’m crying every time , when we go to cemetery . She has no memories on you .
I’m sorry for every bad thing I ever did . You maybe can see me from sky and think how bad I am .
You know how bad I am in English , so here is something in Czech .

Děkuji ti za všechno co jsi pro mě kdy udělal . Za lásku , starost a především šťastné dětství . Byl jsi a navždy budeš nejlepší děda ❤

With love , Elisabeth
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