May 18, 2017

Dear Greg,

You left us.. I don’t think you meant to but you did. My dad was hurt and so wasn’t I.. I grew up with you you were always there for me. You would make me laugh and make me annoyed. Then you met her she ruined you. You were my uncle so I had to look out for you everyone knew what she was doing to you. She brought you drinking and made you do drugs. But little did any of us know she cheated on you. No one ever would have thought you would have did what you did. She told you so wrong, she should have told you better. She was pregnant and I hate it. My dad got the call and rushed there I didn’t know what happened. He told me that you had taken so many pills and drank way to much. You were not even a mile from your own house you two shared and she couldn’t go look for you. You were dead for about 5 hours and no one knew. I hate going to school with her kids and having them say how great of a guy you were when they didn’t get to know the real you. When I got to know the real you and I know that you were a great guy. We miss you very much and wish that it was all a dream. She said goodbye a long time ago. But, my dad can’t you were in the newspaper the other day though and I cut it out a put in on a paper. I hope you happy and healthy in heaven. Bye for now….

Bye C. W.
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