March 18, 2017

Dear Kurt Cobain,

So. Unfortunately this letter will never get to you because you have been dead for quite a while now. I just recently got introduced to who you are, and I can’t believe that I have just met you, because it feels like I’ve known you for years and years. I wish I could’ve know. About you earlier so I could’ve mourned with the world the day that you were actually gone. In your last note you wrote that you have a beautiful daughter who lives the world so much and that you don’t ever want to not love the world and get hurt. I don’t understand how you couldn’t see that basically killed her whole world, because it took you. You also said that you’d rather burn out than fade away, there’s so much poetic justice to that, i personally think you could never burn out. For me you are the first flame in a huge fire. You will never burn out to me. Thank you for the songs and the tears. You truly have moved me beyond words. And I’m grateful for that, even if the world wasn’t.

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