May 9, 2017

Dear Kurt Cobain,

Well, where do I start?
Today I couldn’t stop listening to Dumb. It was one of those things that make me distance myself from my life and bring me closer to who I am, to what I’m feeling like. I also got this when I read ‘Love Letters To The Dead’. It’s an amazing book. I wish you could’ve read it. I try to combine this feeling into my own book, including you, your wonderful music, and the fore mentioned book, though I’m not sure if I can do it.
This feeling makes me alive and hollow at the same time. I’m fake, but it’s okay, because it’s human. I wish so badly that you could read it. I will call it ‘the extraordinary’ and I will dedicate it to you, because you are the one inspiring me to lay down the mask and play my emotions onto this empty sheet of paper.
There’s just too much to be felt more than said.

A small insignificant being
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