May 12, 2017

dear twin sister,

i miss you.
even though i never saw or got to know you, you died before we were even born and left me alone to suffer in this ugly world.
and i didn’t even know about you until two years ago.
i don’t even know what to call you, but i like to think of you as Jessica.
because it’s such a pretty name and i feel that it would suit you.
sometimes i think of how everything would have been different if you were here, how i’ll never feel alone and that i’ll always find someone to talk to. and how we’ll share the same interests and we’d read books and watch movies and obsess over stupid things together.
you were actually my only chance of happiness.
i’d like think of your soul flying in the sky freely and fearless and maybe you check up on me from time to time and on your family you never had .
i love you. even though the only time we shared was in our mom uterus.
i’m jealous of you. cause, you got to get out of this world and i want out too.
i’m coming to you soon
wait for me, sis.

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