March 19, 2017

Dear Will,


I miss you a lot. I miss the time we spent together, all those times we played together, when you were lying on my shoulder and looking what I am writing. No person have as big heart as you had. You were always optimistic, in good mood… I bet if you could have been able to do so, you would smile. I cannot mention your name or think of you and not to cry.. I regret the only time… When you felt bad and was slowly dying, I was afraid. I sit next to your cage and look at you as you are fighting.. But I was too afraid to touch you.. I was silly. But I am glad I was there at least with you. I feel bad I did not hear it at night, that I did not know you started to cough and breathe badly.. But I am glad I was there with you in the morning. You were always big fighter. I fought till the end. As a big hero. You always were my little here.. You seemed to be better.. But then, another morning, you was cold.. I hope you were glad I stayed with you till the end. I did not want you to die alone in your cage.. Maybe you would be cold there.. Lonely. This way we sit together.. I wonder if you heared me calling you name? Maybe you were too tired to look at me. You must be weak.. I do not find cats friendly after one of them probably dig out your grave.. It’s raining there and you, your body was lying there in cold and on wet ground whole day.. Fortunatelly we found you. Not they cannot do it again..But I cannot blame them, maybe they just wanted to meet you. Everyone would want to. I put your picture on my bed. You are the first face I see every morning. I wonder if you see me too..From somewhere. Love you Will. I always did. And I always will.

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